Kennel Painted Magic Australian Shepherds




 We are I planning a truly exiting litter summer/fall 2018.

This litter will be with main focus on performance and working abilities; we expect puppies that are easygoing, happy and healthy family dogs - and performance dogs with that extra drive that will take them to the top in doggy sports. Our focus are mainly on supiour obedience and agility abilities, but the pups are also expected to show great working instinct (stock) and will have the abilities to compete in herding as well.

Sire and dam are both loveing and easygoing family dogs; they are easy to live with, easy to handle, loves children and shows a all-over rock solid temper. Both are of course also cleared of hereditary diseases.

Both parents desents from some of the best performance and working dogs, both here in Europe and in the States. 


The litter will be born and raised in SønderJylland.


Contact me for further info.