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Ronja delivered 12 pups today.
7 boys (BT and BM) and 5 girls (BM, RM and RT)
One VERY tired Ronja earned her third an final leg towards her Danish obedience championship (DKLPCh.). 
We had walked 30 km. the day before the trial and 5 the same day - and she is on top of that pregnant. She was so tired during the entire trial.
Championship in obedience and rally
I had entered Ronja in obedience class three - despite the fact that we hadn't been training since fall last year. We participated with one month of training and one VERY hot girl that was bred the day before. We ended up as number 6, only 7 points from the winner. Can help thinking what would have happen if she only had stayed on the grown for the entire 4 min. during the lay-down (no one other than the judge saw that she sat up for a split second?).
Luke (Binary Sunset) did however repeat  last year succes and won his class in Rally. Good job Maiken!!!
Ronja has been bred. Puppies expected november the 1.
- - -
2014 have, so fare, been a very quite year.
A lot has happen on the personal front and though the dogs haven't been forgot, they have been "put on ice" (training and competition) for the time being.
- - -

Ronja got the third and final leg towards her Danish Rally Championship
Ronja did it again!
She won (a very large) obedience class III in Ølstykke.
Ronja passed obedience class III with a very nice score of 273 points and winner of the class.
Proud of my blue girl. She was so good - despite lack of training.
I am one very proud breeder today!!!
Maiken and Luke (Binary Sunset) won the Danish Championship in rally novice.
Congratulation. You rock!!

Wee! A dream came true today!
Sirius earned the title HYRDPR1 - the novice Border Collie herding trial.
We both made some mistake (me the pen, he the outrun) but we ended up with 66 point and 5th winner.
This is the best official trial result a danish Aussie has ever attchieved in a Border Collie herding trial!!!
Need I say that I am so proud of my big boy!
Luke (Binary Sunset) and Maiken did it again:
First price and second winner in obedience class one.
I had entered Ronja in a rally trial this evening, hoping that we would be able to get the last leg towards her championship.

Ronja did great, but I totally blew her chances - again! Couldn't find my left from right and went the wrong way around :-(
When the judge told me that I thought what the heck, lets just walk the line and skip the last exercise - and so we did, ending up with a not very flattering score.
Luke (Binary Sunset) and his owner did a fantastic job at their very first obedience trial.
Congratulations with your first obedience title!
Aslan (Boromir of Gondor) got his first leg towards his rally advance title 
- and with a yellow ribbon.
Congratulation Mette!
Luke (Binary Sunset) got his third and final leg and rally novice today.
Congratulation with his first title Maiken!
Luke (Binary Sunset) and his owner Maiken got a very nice leg - and a blue ribbon - at their second rally trial in DKK
- and they did must likely also qualified to the Danish Championship in Rally 2013.
Nice job Maiken!
Ronja got her second leg in rally excellent.
She did a super job, but was so focused on looking at me that she didn't really saw the jump = hit it with a paw.
We ended with 97 point and a second place.
- - -
Padmé got her last leg in rally advance.
She was such a good girl, got distracted for a moment by a 8-10 weeks old pup, but did otherwice very nicely.

Ronja had her debute in obedience class III.
It was however not a success.
We haven't really been training lately due to my mothers illness and death, so I knew it was a matter a of chance. I was also in a bad mood (trialing was always something me and my mother did together) and Ronja is also affected by both the rehoming of her best buddy Lyssa and us moving to a new place (home) only 5 days prior to the trial.
26. - 29. july 2012
Sirius and I went to Wrohm for a 4 days herding trail on cattle.
Sirius was truly afraid of the cows in the beginning of the trial (due to very bad experience from last trail), but with support he regained most of his former courage and got some really nice runs - even though the cows were not the easiest stock (dairy cows, which does not have the same "group-instinct" as meat cows and thereof may be difficult to keep together in one group).
Thank you Juliane for a wonderful and well organized trial and to judge Tanya Wheeler and Wayne Kirby.
Oh yes ... I almost forgot some of the most important event at the trial:
Sirius got his last legs in advanced cattle and is therefore now
This is only the third WTCh. in Denmark and his third performance championship!
30. june 2012
Ronja had her debute in the rally excellent class.
She was one sloppy girl today but got her first leg.
29. june 2012
Ronja got her third and last leg in rally advance.
I did unfortunately not see that her "backside" touched the ground for a split second in a 360 degree turn and we lost 10 points.
I got the chance to trial with Padmé. She did a super job! ... but I made a foolish mistake and cost her 10 points.
She ended up with 90 points and her second leg in rally advance.
24. june 2012
Ronja got her second leg in rally advanced with a score of 98 point and winner of the class.
14. - 18. june 2012
 Sirius earned his ATDd and OTDc title and a High Combined Non-WTCh. award
03. june 2012
Ronja got her first leg in rally advanced today with a blue ribbon (second best dog).
22. april 2012
Ronja won the LP2 class in Ølstykke today with 217 points out of 220 possible.
18. april 2012
Ronja hip and elbow score came today:
BB and 00
That means that 5 of Striders pups has been x-rayed and cleared.
14. april 2012
Binary Sunset got his first official leg in rally novice today.
5. april 2012
Boromir of Gondor got his last leg in rally novice today.
28. february 2012
Ronja has been cleared of all hereditary eye diseases.
WEWASC has awarded Sirius.
Best dog of the year: STDsd
Runner up: OTDsd STDc
Number 7: ATDs OTDc
Look for his pic in the marts/april issue of "Aussie Times".
Ronja got her last leg in rally novice with 99 points and a blue ribbon.
Sirius got 95 points and a yellow ribbon in the champion (excellent master) class.
Both Ronja and Boromir of Gondor got their second leg in rally novice.
Ronja was shown with a yellow ribbon (good).
Ronja got her first leg in rally novice with a yellow ribbon. 3 points were lost - due to my fault!
Sirius had his debute in the champion (excellent master) class. He did great, but I cost him 20 points by doing two exercises wrong!
Boromir of Gondor got his first leg in rally novice. 
Black Dragon got his first leg towards his PT title.
4 days of herding trail in Germany.
It was a truly terrible train trip, 4 long days of camping in a field, we both got very tired and I also has a great deal to learn about the ducks especially.
But the trip was a success. My beautiful boy got a total of:
- 4 new titles
- legs in ATDd and OTDc
- HIT started
- 2 x HIT open
HIT open the entire trail.
16. - 17.07.2011
Sirius and I went to Sweden for our very first ASCA herding trails.
I had entered him in a total of 6 runs, one on each kind of stock per day.
He did a great job - despite my nerves!:
- his first two herding titles: STDsd
- leg in started cattle
- he won 4 of the 6 runs
- HIT started both days!
Thanks to the host for a super trail and to the judges Marti Parrish and Kaye Harris
Elves of Twillight was shown at the Australian Shepherd Rasspecialen with Excellent.
18. - 19.06.2011
Two days obedience trail (all breed).
Ronja was one very happy party-animal and couldn't control her happyness :o)
169½ out of 180 points and third winner of LP1
Still a party girl but a bit more self-control:
174 points and winner of LP1.
Dungeon Master was shown in Poland and got his first polish CAC. 
Sirius got his last leg towards his Danish rally obedience championship.
News from Australia: Black Dragon has earned his first herding titles: HIC and HT
There is a new star on the sky tonight
Last night I had to let Emmy go.
Rest in peace my sweet girl. I will miss you more than word can ever say.
Coleman Gray got his last leg in rally novice and there by the title RBM.
07. - 08.05.2011
I had entered Ronja in LP1 both day at the international trail in Hillerød
Ronja missed the scent discrimination, but did otherwise a nice job: 157½ points and second best dog on the day.
176½ point and winner of the class. 
Binary Sunset has been eyes cleared
Ronja debut in obedience (LP1) could hardly have gone any better:
179 points and winner of the class.
Second leg to Coleman Gray in rally novice.
Coleman Gray earned his first leg in rally novice.
 Dungeon Master has been cleared of all eye disases.
Sirius got his second leg towards his rally championship
Do U Believe in Magic has been cleared of all hereditary eye diseases.
 Cinnebar has passed the Finish mental test with +175/250 points.
Emmy got the last leg in rally excellent and is now DKRLCh.
 Sirius got his first leg in rally excellent.
Sirius got his last leg in rally advanced and was third best in the class.
Emmy did not pass the rally excellent class. She did great! ... but I made one of the exercises wrong - but infact only ONE team did it correct.
Sirius got his second leg in rally advanced.
Both Emmy and Sirius had qualified to the Danish championship in rally, Emmy in the advanced and Sirius in the novice.
I am pleased with Emmy.
She is blind on right eye, so 95 points and 11 out of 20 competitors is pretty OK in my oppinion.
I personaly think Sirius could have done better, but with a total of 98½ points from the two rounds he ended up winning the novice class.
Sirius has been eyes cleared.
Sirius got his first leg in rally advanced
Padmé gave birth to 8 beatiful pups.
Emmy got her second leg in rally excellent
Padmé has been bred to Johnny.
Padmé has been cleared of all hereditary eye diseases.



I am finely able to update my website again (severe computer - and internet - problems)!


A lot has happen since last time:


Emmy got her last two legs in Rally advanced, both time with a ribbon and her first leg towards her rally champion title.

Sirius complete his first rally title.
Padmé got her first leg in rally advanced.
Cinnamon Dragon got her second leg in Jump class 1.
Coleman Gray has started in the international obedience class for the first time.



Emmys got her first leg in rally advanced trail ... with no training what so ever. My good old girl!
Boromir of Gondor got first prize in LP1 and his first obedience title.


The danish championship in obedience.

Sirius and I ended as the seven best of 20 dogs. The both of us made some mistakes, so we could have done better, but all in all an OK attivements concidering the extrem hard judgement!
Dungeon Master won his third and last CAC, was BOB and later BIS3 at the clubshow today!!!
That means that Enzo is now Danish Champion!!!
Lyssa was shown at the clubshow in Köge today.
The judge found her way too small (she only 46 cm.), so she ended up with a yellow ribbon. 

Sirius and I participated in the herding trail sanction by the Danish Border Collie Club. I was so nervous that I was sick all day.

   We completed the course, but made several mistakes - like missing the first obstickle because I turned my back to it and went just pass it! We got 51 points, 9 point from a the title.
Dungeon Master was shown at the international shown in Vejen. He got his second CAC and was third best male in an all champion parade.
Arwen Evenstar got a second leg in agility novice
Dungeon Master is clear of HD and ED. AA og 00. Yes!!!

Ronja, the new hope for the future, has moved in with us.

 I spend 3 days at her breeders place and was given a ride all the way home ... 300 km. Thank you so much Madelaine!!!
Coleman Gray has been cleard of hereditary eye diseases.
Padmé and my mother participated in their very first freestyle competition. The attchived a 4th place, 2 Q points and was awarded "Best teamwork". 


The first obedience trail of the year and our very first in-door obedience trail.

   All of the dogs in the international class was influenced by the crowed placed, strange - and very slippery - floor, the noises etc. and not one of them did their best. In was so obviously that Sirius did not like it all, so I am pretty pleased though he only got a third prize (partly due to my mistake - and downed him outside the square!!!).

Captain Hook, Colors of the Wind and Child of the Forest had been hip and elbow scored. Both Holger and Vilya was clear, while Jack unfortunately had mild HD.

Dungeon Master was shown at Cruft today - and what can I say other than ... Yippii!!!
 The beatiful blue merle boy won the class Limit Dog - the best placement a Danish bred Aussie has ever attchieved on Cruft!!!
Do U Believe in Magig has been checked for HD and ED - both clear. 
Captain Hook and Colors of the Wind was cleared of hereditary eyediases today.
Cherlindrea has been cleared of HD and AD. 
Boromir of Gondor has checked for hereditary eyedisases. One misplaced eyehair was found.
 Strider sired a little of 7 beautiful pups yesterdag at kennel von Preußen's Gloria in Germany. The proved mummy is Amy von Preußen's Gloria.
 Not a happy day :o(
Last week I had Emmy x-rayed as I thought she showed some signs of pregnancy after all. And quite right, there were one single pup.
    This sunday morning the temp. drop, but though we visited the vet several times the birth never really started.
Early this morning the vet finaly agreed that C-section was nessecary and Emmy "delivered" on beatiful - but very dead blue merle boy :o(
    I am totally heartbroken, but that is nothing compaired to Emmy who keps searching and crying for her lost pup :o(