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Cute 6 week Ronja
Naughter girl
Did I mention that she is naughty?
First time on sheep
Tracking a very cold winter day
Weaving in the garden
Winner of obedience class 1
Safely through the pin whell combination
Training the ketchker turn
Big is better: Her absolute favorite toy
Herding training. Still a mischief, but starting to settle down
Agility training spring 2012
The fast and the furious. Ronja loves agility
Winner of obedience class 2
Happy Moment von Preussens Gloria
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Working merits:
DKK 04200/2011
56 cm.
21 kg.
Scissorsbite, full dentition
Cleared as a pup and 02.10.2014
  - Qualified for the DM 2011 in LP1 with 179 points
  - Qualified for Dog of the year final LP1 2011
  - Qualified for the DM 2012 in LP2 with 217 points
  - Qualified for the DM 2013 in rally advance
  - Qualified for the DM 2014 i LP3

Ronja joined us May 2009 and has, after a somewhat hectic puppy-hood, turned out to be a selfconfident girl that enjoys life  ... and her name "happy" is really suitable for her personality! and I really love this wigglebut to pieces!!!
   Ronja is a very active and quite creative dog. Her name for example, was given to her after she several time succeded in crawling up the shelfs to steal lamps etc. to play with.
She is very lovable towards the family and loves to be pet and cuddle.
   She can be a reserved with strangers, but if she is allowed to be the one taken the initiativ to contact, she will quickly demand to be petted - and I write demand, a princess don't ask, ask is for the commoner, the nobility demands!


Ronja did not have the best doggy-language when she arrived, but my dogs did quickly improve her skills. She is a “noisy” girl with alot of sounds, growls and grunts. She is not very social amongst "strangers", but is defientely not looking for problems, she is just not interested on other dogs other than her "pack", especially during training.


She is a dog with many "layers" - just as her sire. At first, she may seem as a very tuff dog with a lot of will and a strong personality. This could give some people the illusion that she required a "tuff upbringing" ... but that couldn't be more wrong. Behind the strong shell is a very sensible personality that needs a firm, but very gentle and understanding hand.


Ronja is trained primarily by free-shaping, which suits her bubbling creativity and somewhat independent character very well. 
     We are training mostly obedience (DKK). She placed third in Dog of the year 2011 (all breed) in obedience class 1 (... but we lost our placement as we could not participate in the final). Ronja did also quality for the Danish championship 2011 in class 1 with 179 out of 180 points and in 2012 did she qualify in LP2 with 217 out of 220 points, but we were unable to go both times due to family issues. We haven't been able to compete (and train) as much as I would like the last couple of years, but she did earn her obedience championship the summer of 2014 and participated in the Danish Championship in obedience class 3.
We do also do some agilty and she loooves it. She is comfortable with all obstacles, d... fast and has a nice technique. We do however not always agree on the same way around the course - and I am not very good handling her and she is waaaay to fast for me. I hope we will be able to start competing some day, but I know it will be a huge challenge for me due to my bl.... nerves!


Ronja was tested on sheep as a youngster. She shows a nice sence of balance, distance and rate of stock - but is at the same time a strong dog on stock and I must admite a handfull for me (she tries to take control over the stock and is d... fast).  We have therefore had a long break away from the sheep.
   Spring 2012 did we try again. She shows real progress since last year. She has settle down and have started listen and respecting me. I hope we will be able to do some herding on a regular basis.
We have tried tracking (blood) a couple of times, but this is really not my “thing”, a shame because she shows some really nice talent. Perhaps I should pull my self together some day?
Memorable wins
06.10.2013: LP3 winner
15.09.2013: LP3 winner with 273 points
22.04.2012: LP2 winner with 217 points
19.06.2011: LP1 winner with 174 points
08.05.2011: LP1 winner with 176½ point
17.04.2011: LP1 winner with 179 points