Kennel Painted Magic Australian Shepherds
9 weeks old.
 He was simply the cutest pup ever
6 months old. The favorite resting place
Summer 2006. Herding instinct test
2 years old
Spring 2007. First time in obedience class three.
2½ year old. He was almost fatally attacked some months prior this picture.
Spring 2008. Herding demonstration
My beautiful boy a winter day in 2009
Summer of 2009.
Winner of his obedience class
My faithful hiking companion. We have walked many km. the two of us
Competing in rally at the Danish Championship 2010 
Summer 2011. Herding trail in Germany.
My gentle boy turned out to be a good cattle dog
Ribbons won at the 4-day trail in Germany
Painted Magic Beyon the Veil
Reg. number:
Date of birth:
Show achievement:
Working merits:
DKK 23881/2004
58 cm.
30 kg.
Scissorsbite, full dentition
Cleared as a pup and 02.10.2014
1. very good
  - WEWASC best stock dog STDs & STDd 2011
  - WEWASC mulitple HIT (High in Trail)
  - UHM (mental profil)
  - startet in the international obedience class
  - participated in the Danish championship in obedience

Sirius is my pride and joy, the absolute charmer and spoiled darling of the house. We have a special bond, something even strangers can feel. He is in short my heart-dog, my 4-legged soul mate. 
   Sirius is a sweet, gentle and outgoing boy that eagerly gives kisses to everybody. His normal greeting ritual is to annonce the arrival of our guests and then, literally, sit on them and lick them as often as possible. He does show a natural guarding instinct, but to a moderat extent.
   He is such an easy dog to live with and adapt to changing envirments very easy. He really doesn't care if he sleeps in his basket beside my bed, in a noisy train station or in a tent in a wet field hundred km. from home - as long as I am there, he is happy and comford.
Sirius seems to enjoy life in a larger group of dogs and close very tight bounds with his "pack members". He is therefore not interested in other dogs when his "pack" is around, but being alone he is quite a Don Juan (... or so he think he is). He is terriorial towards other adult males.

   Sirius has unfortunately been attacked by other dogs several times, one nearly fatal. He does therefore not trust the behavior of un-known dogs if they acts "funny" or shows him to much interested. However, he gets along with all dogs in training situation.

   Sirius has a very good and sensible doggy-language and is the perfect - and very patient - nanny and teacher to our puppies.


Sirius and I were training mostly obedience when he was younger and he did early fall 2007 earn his Danish obedience championship (LPCh.) and has an third prize in the international class. I have unfortunately made some mistakes in his training which can't be redone (both in regards to his training, but also my handling of him) and he is therefore retired from obedience.
   We have also competed in rally. He won the danish championship in rally novice 2010 and got his danish rally champion title (DKRLCh.) early 2011.
   Now we are training mostly dog dancing, but I am not sure if we ever will start competing (do to my nerves etc). We have also started some training in agility, but he will most likely not start competing due to his age.
Sirius was tested on sheep summer of 2006 just for the fun of it. He did however show such a huge talent that we started herding training when ever it was/is possible.
   Several trainers have praised him for his natural and strong herding instinct, Collin Seabourn have for example called him "a super Aussie, one of the best I have ever seen!”. He has a natural instinct for balance and a nice distance to stock, he is gentle towards the tiny lambs, but has power enough to move difficult stock too. We do however have a major problem related to his extensively obedience training: he has a tendency to loose focus on the stock and await orders from me.
   We had our debute in ASCA herding the summer of 2011 - and what a debute: in a total of 6 trail days (18 trials) he got:
  • 15 Q (qualifing) scores
  • 6 titles
  • 8 x class wins
  • 7 other placements (2.- 4. place)
  • 5 HIT (high in trial = higest score of the day) awards!

.... and in the end of the year he was awarded:

  • Best stock dog: STDsd (Started Trial Dog sheep & ducks)
  • Runner up in: OTDs (Open Trial Dog sheep) with only 2 points from number 1, OTDd (Open Trial dog ducks) & STDc (Started Trial Dog cattle) with only ½ point from number 1.
  • number 7 in ATDs and from one trial only OTDc.
He completed his WTCh. (working trail champion) title the summer 2012, which means that he has earned two qualifing scores under two different judges in both advance sheep, duck and cattle. This is his thrid performance champion title and only the third WTCh. in Denmark.
  The summer of 2013 did Sirius furthermore pass the novice Danish Border Collie Herding trial hyrdeprøve 1 (HYRDPR1). This is only the second time a Danish Aussie pass a Border Collie trial (but the first time in the new updated program were you have to drive the entire course) and on top of that with the best result, to my knowledge, a Danish Aussie has achieved in an official (BC herding) trial.
Sirius has been shown a couple of times. He was BOB (Best Of Breed) pup over 14 other pups at the annual Aussie day and won his class at two out of three international shows.
He has sired one litter, our D litter.
   His pups has inherited his wonderful disposition, mixed with their mother's nice conformation. Enzo is the only pup active in the showring, but he has other hand done really well. He has obtained the danish championship, BIS placement at clubshows and was also the first danish bred Aussie to win his class at Cruft.
 Enzo winning his class at Cruft
DKCh. Dungeon Master 
Memorable wins
            2007         LP3 winner
                              LP3 winner
            2008         LP3 winner
11.04.2009          Elite obedience winner
29.08.2010          Danish championship rally novice winner
12.06.2010          DKRLCh.
16.07.2011          HIT started (Kroksbo)
17.07.2011          HIT started (Kroksbo)
22.07.2011          HIT started (Hôsback)
22.07.2011          HIT open (Hôsback)
24.07.2011          HIT open (Hôsback)
24.07.2011          HC Open (Hösback)
            2011         WEWASC Stock dog of the year - STDs
                               WEWASC Stock dog of the year - STDd
15.06.2012          HC non-WTCh.
29.07.2012           WTCh.