Kennel Painted Magic Australian Shepherds
Painted Magic Chieftain of Dúnedain
Registrations number:
Date of birth:
Show achievements:
Working merits:
DKK 03883/2006
58 cm.
- kg.
Scissorsbite, full dentition
Cleared as a pup and 22.04.2008
Very good
  - 2 legs rally open
  - Mental profil



Strider lives in Ramløse with Anja Wind and her two childeren. He is standing at stud for healthy - FCI reg. only! - Aussies.


He is such a sweet and fun loving boy that just loves attention and cuddling. His greeting ritual towards friends and family is to approach curled up in a U shape with his little tail wriggling as fast as it possible can - and if you are amongst his special friends he will most likely also be grinning.


He is very open towards new things and it take a lot to shake his world. He shows furthermore no signs of stress.

   He is a funny mixture of a real mischief and a dog that shows a dignified coolness that could make a king jaelous! He may also seem as a dog with a strong attitude, but despite his tuff appereance he is a dog with a rather sensible nature.


He can be reserved with strangers, just as the - orginal - standard describes and likes to be the one who takes initiative to say hello.

   He shows a natural guarding instinct, but not in an exaggerated manner. New people are met with some barking, but he accept guess when we have said it is OK. 


He is very correct toward other dogs and has very good doggy-language, this does also mean that he expect other dogs to be just as correct as he is. He is furthermore territorial towards other males. He does however get along with all dogs, regardless of sex, in training situations.


Strider is primarely a family pet, but he does show great abilities for obedience with a strong will-to-please and adequate drive.

   He has been trained lightly in rally and has earned his Rally Novice title.


He has been on stock several times as a youngster. He shows great interested and talent - and no fear at all. He is a natural heeler, shows a good rate of and a nice distance to stock.


Strider has sired one litter in Germany.

 The puppies have generally speaking inherited Striders temperament, ie. there is a tendency to dominance, but they are also sensitive dogs that requires socialization.
    Training wise it is excellent pups with good drive, will-to-please and learning skills. Several of the puppies are trained in agility and herding and one have started training for rescue.
     All puppies have been eyes checked without remarks as puppies. All who have been x-rayed is clear of HD/ED.
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